Dr. Rudy Melfi Fellowship

Ohio State undergraduate students not enrolled in the College of Dentistry may apply for participation in the college’s Undergraduate Research Program through a Dr. Rudy Melfi Fellowship. If you have an excellent academic background, previous research experience or both, his summer fellowship program offers an opportunity to work on a current research program under the direction of a College of Dentistry faculty member. Students are exposed to the processes of research, research methodology, the scientific method and the generation of new and useful knowledge.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Student must be enrolled at Ohio State
  • Student must demonstrate interest in exploring research opportunities.
  • Student must pass a background check by the university as part of the application process.
  • A minimum GPA of 3.50 is recommended.
  • Student must be available full-time during the summer.
  • Previous research experience is desirable but not required.

Application Process

Deadline: February 15

To apply, complete the application form below and attach the following:

  • Official transcript (Ohio State students: submit a PDF of your current advising report. Download your advising report from your Student Center).
  • Letter(s) of recommendation (one required, but not more than two). Please upload using the online form or it can be sent directly to schricker.1@osu.edu

Please contact Dr. Schricker at schricker.1@osu.edu for advice or clarification.

Selection Process

First-time applicants. The College of Dentistry Research Committee will review complete applications only. Selection will be based on the personal statement, recommendation, academic performance and compatibility with an available mentor. Qualifying candidates may be invited for interviews. Candidates will be notified of their selection status by April 15. Selected candidates will be assigned a research mentor for their summer fellowship and will be required to successfully complete a criminal background check and drug and alcohol screening.

Second-year fellows. Fellows can apply for a second support period during the summer term of the subsequent year. Applications will be selected by the College of Dentistry Research Committee based on a letter of recommendation by the fellow’s mentor and the student's research productivity.

Once you have been selected as a fellow: The hosting division of the college will email information on how to complete all of the compliance requirements of the college (immunizations and TB screenings, and HazCom, OSHA/BBP, and HIPAA training). Proof of compliance by the participant must be made available to the hosting division prior to the start of the visit. Please contact the hosting division with questions.


The College of Dentistry will support up to five fellowships per summer. First-year fellows will receive a scholarship of $1,500; second-year fellows receive a scholarship of $2,000. Dr. Rudy Melfi fellows may apply for travel support if they plan to present their research at a national scientific meeting and if they are Ohio State students at the time of their presentation.

Dr. Rudy Melfi Fellowship Application