Dean's Alumni/Student Mentoring Program

The College of Dentistry Office of Development and Alumni Affairs has launched the Dean's Alumni/ Student mentoring program to connect our alumni with current students.

Mentors serve as supporters, motivators and resources to our next generation of dental professionals. 

The College of Dentistry Alumni/ Student Mentoring Program will match a 2nd or 3rd year dental student or a junior or senior dental hygiene student with an alumna/alumnus of the college. The program is designed to give students access to an experienced dental professional to turn to for guidance, advice and direction, as well as to help students broaden their professional networks, enhance their classroom experience and prepare for and acquire insights into the job search process.

Serving as a mentor allows you to increase the value of your College of Dentistry degrees by investing in future alumni, growing a deeper relationship with the college, improving your own advising skills and enriching your own life as you pay it forward.

Mentor Program Details

Interested student should apply here for 2024-25 cohort.

Interested Alumni should apply here for 2024-25 cohort.

With any questions, please contact Christine Sturmi, Asst. Director of Alumni Affairs at or 614-247-4816.