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Division of Dental Hygiene

The Ohio State University College of Dentistry is proud to offer the only dental school-based dental hygiene program in Ohio.

The college offers a baccalaureate degree in dental hygiene that gives students a unique opportunity to prepare for an exciting profession, while also completing a baccalaureate degree at a nationally recognized university.

Our program also gives students the option to select a specialization in either expanded functions dental auxiliary, dental hygiene education, public health, or students may submit a proposal for an individualized plan.

Our Baccalaureate Degree Completion Program is for dental hygienists with an associate degree or certification in dental hygiene from a CODA-accredited dental program.  The program provides a unique opportunity for students to participate in a stimulating and educational environment that combines the general education aspects of a baccalaureate degree with advanced education in dental hygiene.  The schedule is flexible and students may enroll part-time or full-time.  Dental hygiene courses are offered in a distance format designed to be convenient for working students. 

The College of Dentistry is further distinguished by offering an Expanded Functions for the Dental Auxiliary (EFDA) program, which is designed to prepare certified dental Assistants or registered dental hygienists to apply for the EFDA board examination administered by the Commission on Dental Testing in Ohio and to provide experiences for quality, knowledgeable patient care as an entry-level EFDA. For more information, please contact our Office of Continuing Dental Education at 614-292-9790.

Finally, keenly aware that the number of dental hygiene programs across the country continues to grow at a rapid rate while the number of faculty members who are qualified to teach the programs has not kept pace, the College of Dentistry has answered the need by offering the first Master’s in Dental Hygiene (MDH) degree in Ohio for students who wish to become dental educators and leaders in the field.


Our mission is to promote oral health, professional ideals, lifelong learning and leadership in dental hygiene through education, research and service.


We inspire students to become future-ready oral healthcare professionals through unparalleled educational experiences, dedicated patient care and extensive research opportunities.

Academic programs

Entry Level

A four-year program leading to a Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene (BSDH). Includes two years of general education courses and program prerequisites followed by two years in the professional program.

Degree Completion

A flexible, online program for licensed dental hygienists who already hold a CODA-accredited associate degree and want to earn their BS in dental hygiene.

Master's Program

A two-year online course of study designed to prepare dental hygienists for a career in dental hygiene leadership and education.

Our faculty

Associated Faculty

Jamie Bishop BSDH, MDH

Mason Colón BSDH, MSDH 

Mhairi Johnston BSDH, MSDH

Amy Merritt BSDH

Lisa Sinicropi BSDH, MSDH

Cory Williams BSDH, MSDH, EFDA


Division of Dental Hygiene
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